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I haven’t put up a recipe or food post lately, primarily because I was refrigerator-less for 10 days thanks to Best Buy’s awesome customer service (can you read the sarcasm?).  The coils were getting cold… but the sensor connected to the defrosting mechanism was incapacitated so the fans froze up, leaving us with a 60 degree fridge.  Thank God the freezer was still kicking, it was stuffed, we would have been outta luck for sure.

I didn’t want to cook, because I have a tendency to make much more food than necessary (though, it’s happening less and less because my honey throws portion control to the wind) and I didn’t want there to be any leftover going to waste.  So, Bumble Bee tuna became my best friend. I’ve never been a big tuna salad fan, but… you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, I am now (officially) the queen of tuna salad.

Thanks to my friend… this jar of pickled jalapenos, olives, and garlic.  Originally purchased for use in martinis… this condiment changed my tuna-salad-hating-now-loving life.

Can of tuna.  2 tbsp mayo.  1.5 tbsp chopped jalapeno/garlic/olive magic.  1 dill pickle wedge chopped.  S&P to taste… a couple oil-packed sundried tomatoes, chopped, if you’re feeling adventurous.  On a sandwich.  With crackers.  However you roll.  Best tuna salad you’ve ever had in your life.

As delicious as this tuna salad was… it was not as beautiful.  So, the next time i decide to indulge my new passion, I’ll work on the presentation and share.


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