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nobody told me how much laundry i would have to do as a new mom… this is only like 2 days worth of laundry — i think it was 4 loads total.


laundry for me + laundry or hubby + laundry for baby + extra laundry for me that baby spit up on + many many burp cloths.

in a given day, i usually go though a few burping-clothing-protectors and at least one shirt.  i dont know why i dont just safety pin a cloth on my shoulder at all times, it really would probably save me a lot of time and effort.

speaking of burping cloths, Bella Boo Boo has a bit of reflux, so she spits up all the time.  the standard itty bitty terry burp cloths that are sold do not do the trick.  i love you Babies R Us, but these babies are too small for Bella.


they are so small, you can barely even see them on the computer.  so, if baby has lots of reflux, i recommend either using receiving blankets (you can never have too many of those, they come in handy for soooo many things.  receiving blankets and washcloths) or cloth diapers.  if they’re good enough for diapers, they’ll hold plenty of spit.  that was my mama’s secret.  but Gerber must have already heard the secret, because they make these beauties that double as burp cloths and cloth diapers… and they come in pretty colors.  where were these when i was registering?




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