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Thanks to my julie.moo, I’ve been noticing these oh-so-trendy bell jars turned decorative.  These DIY mason jar lanterns are gorgeous!!  Totally my style, but not my honey’s.  Oooh, I wish they were though.  These would be perfect in either a brooklyn hipster pad or a modern country-sh place.  My honey would ask… “why do those jars have candles in them?  Why are they hanging up?”  Sigh. Also, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them… as my patio is not much more than a slab of concrete, at this point. Alas, not made for my casa. Maybe some day…

Thanks, A Pretty Life In the Suburbs.


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Added a simple liner to the kindle bag/envelope/sack/whatever because the yarn kinda sheds a lot and the little hairs were getting in the little crevices, as my honey kindly pointed out to me.  “Who’s hair is this?”  Silly goose.  Anyway, I just used the fabric from an out of commission pillowcase to make the lining.  I like having the lining because the bag feels more finished and I feel the kindle is more protected.

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Project of the day.  A knitted purse for a kindle.

Shopping for a case for my new kindle was frustrating.  Cases & “envelopes” for them were either boring, ugly, or expensive.  And because I am Clumsy Carly, I definitely need to have it covered if I’m going to take my new toy out and about.

Using (very simple) crochet & knit techniques, this is how I made it…

  • Size 13 knitting needles
  • Size K crochet hook
  • 1 skein Lion Brand Homespun yarn in “Corinthian”
  • Black button & thread

Cast on 20.  Knit 60 rows.  Starting at the 61st row, decrease (with whatever methods you prefer — I knit two together at the beginning of the row, and then slip slip knit at the end of the end) by one stitch on either side for the next 10 rows.  Tie the end off, make a slip knot and chain for whatever length you like (I didn’t count).  Tie off end.

Fold the straight end up about 4″ and, using a yarn needle, sew the sides together.  Flip inside out.  With the thread, fasten the button (placement shown below). Make sure you allow space between button and knit  so you can wrap the cord around.

Put your kindle inside…. wrap the cord around the envelope and then the button.  And go! 🙂  Nice, easy, and fast.


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A week ago, the only color on the walls of my house was some bright yellow in the nursery.  I hope little Bella will grow to love that as much as I do.  For months, ever since my pregnancy nesting instincts kicked in, I’ve known I wanted to paint the walls in the living room some sort of tan.

All of the walls int he house were an off white (Pittsburgh Paint’s “Summertime”) and all of the trim is a bright white-white.  There was some contrast between the two, but the white molding didn’t pop — and that was my mission.

Never you mind the paint strip hanging on the wall – I forgot to remove it before I took the photos.  Oops!

So you see, the room needed some contrast.  I finally made it happen.

Thanks to Glidden’s “Warm Carmel” (apparently one of their top 10 most popular colors)… the room is starting to get some of the contrast it needs.

See how the molding pops now?  I especially love the mantel above the fireplace.

Most of the open space in the house is filled with walls with rounded corners.  Which, although beautiful, make painting fairly difficult.  I think that a sharp line on a rounded edge would look very abrupt… unfinished, or something.  So, most of the space will have accent walls for the pops of color.

Still to come in the living room transformation…

  •  paint the walls tan
  • get a mirror (black / white frame) for over the fireplace
  • make photo frames white
  • build ledges for initials & white framed b&w photos of the fam
  • white sheer curtains
  • white & red accent pillows
  •  more colorful (red and white?) “flowers” – or 86 completely

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While brainstorming ideas about how to cover the nursery walls, my mother-in-law-to-be stumbled across this adorable piece of art from PoshTots.com.

We absolutely loved it, but the price tag was a little steep and we thought that we could probably recreate it pretty easily. Then, she had an even better idea. Why not accompany “you are my sunshine” with the obvious sequel… “my only sunshine.” So we trotted down to Hobby Lobby to grab some canvases, and with our acrylic craft paint in tow, we got to work. What do you think of the finished product?



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I stopped working earlier than I expected, so I started to give myself little projects to finish up the nursery decoration.  I was inspired by all the nursery blogs (my fav: Cheap & Chic Nursery) to create my own mobile.  I stumbled upon Heather Bailey’s blog that had a pattern for creating paper globes.

So I grabbed the tutorial and some scrapbooking pages and set out to make a mobile.  The tutorial guides you to create these paper globes:

Using the pattern, I created three small sizes with blue/green and two large sizes with pink/orange.

I got two different sized embroidery hoops, painted them white, and using clear jewelry cord tied the small one inside of the larger.  I cut different sized lengths of the cord then hot glued the cord to the globes by inserting the string in a small hole where the corners of the globe met.

I then glued the large ones to the inside ring and the smaller ones to the outside ring.  Grabbed some yellow polkadotted ribbon and created a hanger.

When hung, the jewelry cord looks (almost) invisible and the globes are essentially floating in midair.  I love it.


What Bella must see when she’s getting changed…

Gabby checked it out for sufficient mesmerizing qualities, too.  I think we succeeded..

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