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That's spit up on my shoulder

Little Bella has had her share of colicky episodes so far, and with the doctor’s suggestion to use Mylicon to reduce her gassiness — things have been looking up. Everything was looking up — she was less gassy — which led to less crying. But in the last couple of days her spit up has been gradually increasing to full on vomit. Today was probably the most worrisome day we’ve had in the last 8 weeks of her little bitty life.

At first, she didn’t appear to be very concerned.. she was a little fussy and then, blah. Blah all over my chest. She seemed to settle down, smile at herself in the mirror and then all of a sudden blahhhh again. All over my freshly cleaned chest. Within the next hour, I washed off at least three times outside of two t-shirt changes. Whoaa, Bella. But still, she seemed contented.

I leafed through my library of baby books… told me not to be alarmed (yet) and to try and feed her for about five minutes every two hours. But she kept spitting up, and I grew increasingly worried/frustrated/tearful/sad/you know the deal.

And then the poor dear started getting hungry and crying more beause of it. Four and a half hours later I am in freak-out-time-to-call-the-doctor-mode. Improperly timed, of course, at 9 pm Sunday night. The nurse puts me on a Pedialyte feeding schedule every five minutes for four hours.

It has worn both of us out. She only stayed awake for about 2.5 hours before knocking herself out. Not sure whether to wake her… I’m sure she’s much happier now in her deep slumber.


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