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While brainstorming ideas about how to cover the nursery walls, my mother-in-law-to-be stumbled across this adorable piece of art from PoshTots.com.

We absolutely loved it, but the price tag was a little steep and we thought that we could probably recreate it pretty easily. Then, she had an even better idea. Why not accompany “you are my sunshine” with the obvious sequel… “my only sunshine.” So we trotted down to Hobby Lobby to grab some canvases, and with our acrylic craft paint in tow, we got to work. What do you think of the finished product?



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Crazy Cat

This is Gabby (also affectionately known as Gabarella or Gaberini). My sweet sweet girl.  I’m not a cat person, really I’m not… I only like about fifty percent of the cats that I meet. But, Gabby is a different story. We love each other. The second day I had her after I adopted her, she slept right next to me on my bed. She’s totally sweet and she loves attention — she likes to follow me around and compete with my attention.

Enter… my even sweeter girl.

Though we haven’t officially met yet (5 weeks til d-day to go!), little Isabella obviously trumps my sweet, sweet Gabby. During these last nine months, I’ve heard a lot of rumors about how cats like to crawl up to babies, nuzzle them, and proceed to try to suck the life out of them. These crazy rumors totally sounded like obviously errant old wives’ tales to me — but, to put my fiance’s mind at ease, I did a little research to verify.

Obviously, as with any other pet (or odd family member), precautions must be taken to make sure your newborn is completely safe. Experts recommend that when you first get home, you make sure to greet (rather than ignore) your fantastic feline, and introduce her to the new smells of the baby by letting her smell a receiving blanket, or some other linen. Also, make sure not to allow cat to get into the crib, just to keep the little ones safe. The ASPCA has a great article about being a cat mama when you’re expecting and when baby comes home.

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I stopped working earlier than I expected, so I started to give myself little projects to finish up the nursery decoration.  I was inspired by all the nursery blogs (my fav: Cheap & Chic Nursery) to create my own mobile.  I stumbled upon Heather Bailey’s blog that had a pattern for creating paper globes.

So I grabbed the tutorial and some scrapbooking pages and set out to make a mobile.  The tutorial guides you to create these paper globes:

Using the pattern, I created three small sizes with blue/green and two large sizes with pink/orange.

I got two different sized embroidery hoops, painted them white, and using clear jewelry cord tied the small one inside of the larger.  I cut different sized lengths of the cord then hot glued the cord to the globes by inserting the string in a small hole where the corners of the globe met.

I then glued the large ones to the inside ring and the smaller ones to the outside ring.  Grabbed some yellow polkadotted ribbon and created a hanger.

When hung, the jewelry cord looks (almost) invisible and the globes are essentially floating in midair.  I love it.


What Bella must see when she’s getting changed…

Gabby checked it out for sufficient mesmerizing qualities, too.  I think we succeeded..

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